Testimonials From our Clients

Once the Senior Music Network is established in assisted living communities, retirement communities etc. – we have been very pleased with the immediate feedback.Here are some of the quotes Executive Directors, Activities Directors and other executives gave us after just 30 days of service.  If you contact us, we will supply you with the executive’s names and the communities they serve.  You can then contact them directly for their feedback.

 Venice Florida
WOW! After just 30 days, nearly a third of my residents came to my office to personally thank me for this great new service.

Clearwater Florida
After just a few weeks, scores of residents began to tell us that your service is one of the best things we have ever done.  Thank You!

Port Charlotte Florida
After your free trial, we would never think of discontinuing service. Keep it coming!  Residents are absolutely in love with the music and messages.

The Villages, Florida
Your radio show is a hit! Everyone loves the music.  Our resident’s are delighted with the new station and they tell us that every day.  If anyone doubts the power of your service, have them contact me personally.

Palm Beach Florida
Residents love your music and companionship.  I love it because it allows residents to hear me every day on the station.

Lakeland Florida
I’m a fan!  Wow.  Residents loved it from the first day.

Central Florida
I serve a number of our entry fee communities.  Now that we have tried your service at several communities, we are expanding it to all of the communities I work with.

 Northport Florida
Residents absolutely love this. They tell us over and over how much they appreciate the music and messages.  They also love our Saturday Symphony of classical music from 3 to 5pm Saturdays.


Testimonials From our Clients – this is direct feedback from the people that serve these communities. They work with the residents every day and have seen the impressive impact Senior Music Network has had – Contact Us so that we can help your community.

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